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Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Yoga is a great way to lose weight and keep your body in shape. Here are a few of the most helpful types of yoga asanas to help you achieve your weight-loss goal. Not only this, but a few tips-and-tricks to coincide with your yoga lessons. All to help in building a healthier and happier you!

The most common problem area for over-weight people is their abs. Whether you are just a little over-weight (5-20 lbs) or well over that. You will more than likely experience the want to have a flat tummy. Luckily, with yoga for weight loss there is hope! Some of the yoga poses for your abdominal muscles (the core) are:

* The abdominal lift

* The child pose

* The cobra pose

* The yogic seal pose

* The wind releasing pose

* The spinal twist

* The Baat pose

* The naval move

However if you Have chosen to work on your legs and arms, the asanas are different. Instead, you will want to focus on this list of poses:

* Tree pose

* Hero pose

* Dog pose, both face up and down

* Bridge pose, both face up and down

* Swinging lotus pose

* Celibacy pose

* Squat and rinse pose

* Triangle pose

* Hero pose

* Sun solute

* Advanced wind releasing pose

* Butterfly pose

If you are seeking to tighten your chest muscles, which can aid in dropping pounds as well as helping with back pain. You will want to look to these poses:

* Baat pose

* Lumbar wheel pose

* Spinal twist

* Hero pose

* Triangle pose

* Dog pose both up and down

Now that we have looked into some of the different poses that will help you in losing weight in your target areas. We will take a look into some helpful hints to live a healthier life (the yoga life). First and foremost you should remember that you are indeed what you eat. If you choose to eat unhealthy fried food for your daily meals, chances are you will not see the results that you want. However, if you instead choose vibrantly colored fresh meals you will find yourself shedding pounds. Though, as with anything; even these can be bad in excess. Practice portion control for your meals, and you will find yourself having more energy throughout the day.

In conjunction you may wish to add in a steam-room or baths to help reduce stress in your life. It has been proven that stress can be a damaging factor in the battle against excess weight. Water is a wonderful thing! Not only should you be bathing in it, but you should be drinking more than you probably are. In this fast-pace life we all reach for caffeine to get us by the daily grind. However, with that we ignore the importance of water. This will help you to stay hydrated not only during your workout, but give you the important minerals and nutrients that you can only get from our water.

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