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Yoga for Weight Loss

Obesity is the physical manifestation of deeper psychological issues. As a result, your body becomes a victim of bad eating habits and lack of exercise doesn’t do any good either. If you are battling obesity, yoga is a good option.

Acceptance is the key:

Unless you accept that you are overweight, you won’t make an attempt to become lean and fit; so gracefully acknowledge obesity. Start with small changes in your lifestyle to kick start weight loss. Body toning starts within 10 days of a new workout regimen. As you practise different asanas, you feel lighter. But be consistent with your practice, as weight loss takes time.

Healthy eating habits and yoga:

You don’t need to starve; watch what you eat and eat only a light dinner as you won?t do anything for the next seven hours or so. To detox, fast once a week. Have a balanced yogic diet to reduce weight, avoiding junk food and aerated drinks.

The benefits:

Yogic postures can be customised to suit your age and health. Let your yoga instructor know if you have back pain or spondylitis. Inch loss happens proportionally as you start your workout. Weight reduction follows and remember to keep practising your yoga. Ensure you don’t gain weight after reducing. Yoga also eases stress. Yogic postures and breathing help in the smooth functioning of endocrine glands and check weight gain due to hormonal imbalance. Asanas and pranayama strengthen the immune system; you also get rid of allergies and indigestion. You become watchful and aware.

Weight loss asanas:

Surya namaskar, trikonasana or triangle pose, virabhadrasana or warrior pose, paschimottanasana or seated forward bend make the body flexible. Baddha conasana or bound angle pose, uttanapadasana or extended leg pose, navasana or boat pose, bhujangasana or cobra pose, and ustrasana or camel pose stretch the muscles of the abdomen and lower back. Pranayama such as bhastrika, kapalabhati, anuloma viloma make the endocrine system healthier. Meditation relaxes the body and mind.

Be consistent. Natural weight loss rate is two to three kg a month, so don’t target more than that. Draw up long term goals for weight loss and avoid short-term solutions like supplements and laxatives as they are harmful. Practise yoga under expert supervision as you may get injured because of wrong postures.

Other benefits of yoga:

• Mental and physical well being for all

• Decreased level of stress/anxiety in working professional

• General fitness for housewives and elderly people

• Better concentration for students

Source by Umesh C Dwivedi