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Top Interview Questions For Hiring A Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor or Pilates Instructor

1. Who is your certification through?

Making sure that your chosen fitness professional is currently certified is one of the most common mistakes that clients make. Many gyms and facilities do not require that personal trainers, yoga teachers and Pilates instructors keep up to date with their certifications. Most nationally accredited certifications require fitness professionals to submit CEC, continuing education credits, in order to renew their certification. In addition to the personal training, yoga and Pilates certification you will want to make sure that your fitness professional is also current on their CPR certification. Most nationally accredited certifications also require that instructor’s CPR is current. This being said many CPR certifications are either for 1 year or 2 year periods, if a personal training certification is 2 years but their CPR expires after 1 year this is a problem. You want to make sure that if you had a medical emergency that your fitness professional is able to handle it accordingly.

2. What does an average session entail?

Asking what you can expect will help you to determine if the trainer’s style of training will match your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions about weight loss plateaus, how much stationary exercise is performed, is there a warm up, is there a cool down, does the session involve stretching, do they utilize machines or free weights etc.

3. Do you offer a commitment free first session?

Most fitness professionals offer either a free first session or a trial session for a nominal fee to allow clients to: get more information, go over fitness goals, test body fat, try the workout and meet the trainer to assess if their personality will match their goals. This is the most crucial of all training sessions that clients will have with their fitness professional as it sets the tone for the rest of their sessions and makes sure that everyone is on the same page with their fitness “game plan”.

4. What is your cancellation policy?

Finding out what your fitness professional requires in order to not be charged for canceling is important since let’s face it life happens! Work gets busy, your children get sick, you get sick, vacations, travel etc. all can have an impact on your workout schedule and your sessions. Most trainers offer 12 or 24 hour cancellation policies as well as others offer 24 hour live answering service to call in cancellations.

5. How does scheduling work?

Depending on how your busy life is you may need to book out sessions in advance or you may need to change your schedule every single week! Life is busy and knowing how, when and how often you need to schedule in advance can help save you time and money. Make sure your fitness professional offers online scheduling, session tracking, email reminders and calendar availability to make scheduling easy as 1-2-3.

6. Do you offer payment plans?

Making sure you get the most for your money is important because most people don’t have endless funds or endless time. Determining how long you want to continue your training can help determine your preference of paying. If you are planning on training for an extended period, typically 6 months or more you should make sure to ask about payment plans and monthly billing to help spread out the cost. Many trainers offer online payments, annual memberships, credit card billing and many other methods to make training more affordable.

7. Can I have a friend join my sessions?

Whether you prefer to start out training alone it is always a good idea to ask what options you have if you should want to add a buddy at a later date. Many fitness professionals will allow you to split the cost or will charge a minimal fee for adding a buddy. Many clients use this option to help split the cost and extend their fitness budget.

8. Do you have any references?

Most personal trainers, yoga teachers and Pilates’ instructors have current or old clients that are more than excited to share how amazing their trainer was, how they helped them, share their fitness story, their results and so much more. Feel free to ask for references and to follow up with them.

9. How soon on average can I expect to see results?

The average client for personal training, yoga, and Pilates should be able to experience some level of change whether it is flexibility, clothes becoming looser, strength increase, cardio endurance, the scale going down and more. Make sure your trainer has a “plan” of how to get you to both your short term and long term goals from day one so you can expect to see amazing results from day 1!

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