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The Fascination With Mobile Hair Braiders

While hair braids are popular primarily among African Americans, it is not uncommon to see both men and women of other racial groups gravitating towards them. The same can be said outside the United States. In recent times, a new trend has emerged and that is, mobile braiders. Instead of traveling to a fixed location where you end up waiting (unless you made a prior appointment), a braider can actually come to your location. Customers are finding this extremely convenient given braiding can be done at the comfort of one’s home or office. Since a typical braiding session can extend over two hours, it is very important that the customer make themselves as comfortable as possible.

So why the fascination with braids?

Before we tackle this, it is important that we examine braiding in general. Contrary to any popular belief, braids are not popular so much because of their appearance but rather, because they are easier to keep and maintain. Some customers have even reported their hair being easier on the upkeep than a typical weave or chemical-treatment. Also, it maintained properly, braids can last up to two whole months! For the busy student or employee, the ability to just wake up and not have to spend extended periods of time in front of a mirror is priceless. The downside is of course the time it takes to braid the hair. Some braiding sessions can consume up to 7 hours!

Mobile braiders have made everything so convenient

Braids are hot. At times, it seems like there isn’t enough braiders out there. At least that’s what it seems like when you take a casual peek at any neighborhood hair salon. Women (and some men) of all ages waiting their turn as skilled braiders labor diligently. The salons are rarely empty. While these establishments end up making a killing, especially during the holiday season, customers can sometimes spend an entire day waiting their turn to have their hair done. This is not to mention the expense of actually driving to the braider’s location.

Mobile braiders have overturned all that

In comes mobile braiders. Many skilled hair stylists have recognized the need to be agile in the beauty market. Why not visit customers at their own homes or businesses. After all, if each session can take hours, wouldn’t it be better if the customer was reclined at their own couch, sipping some lemonade and watching the latest episode of “Game of Thrones?”… or even sleeping? This is the rationale behind the new booming trend of mobile braiders. Customers love convenience and braiders are giving it to them.

Source by Andrea Nago