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Paschimottanasana – Seated Forward Bend, Procedure and Benefit

1. Get in to Dandasana Pose.

2. While inhaling bring both your hands above your head.

3. Spine should be erect and the tail bone should move outside (in a concave form).

4. As you exhale, bend forward extend the hands and catch your big toes. Hold the right toe with your right thumb and index and middle fingers. Likewise hold your left big toe with the left thumb and index and middle fingers.

5. Now while inhaling, extend the spine and try to keep the back concave.

6. Now again exhale, bend and widen your elbows and thereby using them as levers bring your forehead to the knees and rest your elbow joint on the floor.

Stay in that position for 5 to 10 mins with normal breathing. For a few, even to touch the big toe with their fingers without bending the knee will be very difficult. Nothing to worry about, you have just spoiled your body for a long time without giving it the luxury of being flexible. Regular practice will help you to get in to the correct position in about 4 weeks if you practice it every day. Take hold of you shin and slowly move further to your toes. The important thing is to keep the spine straight, so make sure your belly rests on your thighs. You can use small padding under your sit bones to start off with.


This asana tones all the abdominal organs and keep them free from sluggishness. It tones the kidneys and rejuvenates the spine. It helps in improving the digestion, and is boon for people with acidity and acid reflux.

It increases the overall vitality and is a great cure for impotency. Helps a great deal in weight loss and getting the waist and abs in shape.

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Source by Nivedha Manoharan