April 24, 2020 By nikhojchele 0

March Madness Goes Mobile Again

It’s that time of year again. Yes, as college basketball fans are aware, March Madness is upon us yet again and the fans are excited as ever. While many avid fans may plan their schedule around their favorite teams, it is not always possible to witness all the action live. Therefore, 4INFO, Inc., a leader in mobile search services, has announced that they will deliver instant end of game scores for all 64 games to those that sign up for mobile alerts. The alerts are simply sent over a person’s cell phone, enabling them to be anywhere at the time of the game. 4INFO also stated that they would send additional alerts when the games were coming down to the final minutes and an upset was imminent.

Last year, 4INFO instituted the same alert system and sent over one million messages to registered users. This year, that number is expected to triple. What’s even better about this service is that it is free. Those interested simply have to text “TOURNEY ALERT” to 4INFO or visit their Web site to sign up for individual team alerts. So for those of us who can’t sit in front of our television sets all day and don’t have a computer handy, 4INFO offers a solution.

Using 4INFO’s alert system as an example, we see how mobile connectivity has the ability to disseminate useful and practical information to an attentive audience. Because mobile devices are very personalized, users have the option of obtaining relevant notifications and alerts, instantly and accurately. This speaks to the growing trend towards mobile campaigns that offer insightful and useful information to those that want it. As March Madness approaches and fans sign up for 4INFO’s service, it will be interesting to see how many people will take advantage of the latest technology.

Source by Brandon Bornancin