April 26, 2020 By nikhojchele 0

Man Has Spent The Planet On Which We Depend For Life

Not many want to hear about the horror of money as they depend on it for their lifestyle and to survive in a world run by economic enterprise and wealth creation. That’s why this message is hard to take compared to that of the religious institutions that state that money is good. This contrast is results from the Spirit of the Universe versus man’s ideas and inventions. It is also the product of fear versus reality.

Worldwide people are in revolt about one thing or the other. Mostly they are demonstrating against the inactivity surrounding climate change and the denial of governments that it is happening.

Big Business is in control of the establishment. Governments depend on it for their income and the politicians cannot get enough in their pay packets to satisfy their greed. They claim that jobs are their motivation. In reality, it is because they are hand in hand with profiteering and huge pay packets, at least that appears to be the case in Australia.

As huge demonstrations and blockage of main roads took place in Australian capital cities today the Conservative government is threatening to issue jail sentences to the protestors. In other words, if they are jailed it will be a deterrent to others, or at least that is the thinking behind the move.

The problem is that people are scared. We are facing a future of uncertainty and possibly death to the entire planet. It has been forecast for years that this will happen and still the indecisiveness prevails. Carbon pollution and burning fossil fuels is, however, only one part of the problem.

Deforestation is taking place at an enormous rate and desertification coupled with melting ice is changing the ability of the planet to recover. Forests took millions of years to evolve and the ecology that includes animals, plants, insects, and germination of seeds, and so on, cannot be replicated on a large enough scale to reverse the damage.

As seasons change and warmer temperatures insects are having a harder time adapting. Many animals are struggling to survive as their habitats and food sources turn into pile of wood chips or marketable timber.

The human population is also out of control and as it swells to unbelievable numbers the earth will never sustain them. Already food is being manufactured by machines rather than grown by nature in an effort to combat shortages.

There is no escaping the fact that taking so much from our world while giving little back to it is about to kill us all. We have simply spent the planet and the end is fast approaching. The Spirit told of this thousands of years ago, but the words are buried in a book that is a joke. It is so contaminated by man’s own impressions and fake gods that the truth can hardly be extracted from it. The thing that remains stable is that this day was forecast, and it is nigh.

Source by Norma Holt