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Lose Your Belly Fat in a Fortnight

Are you sick of that stubborn belly fat that just won’t shift no matter what you try? Is it affecting the clothes you wear and the way you feel about yourself?

If so, stop! Don’t accept that fat any longer! Instead, follow these simple tips to get rid of it within a fortnight:

    1. Have a colon cleanse – belly fat usually accumulates because of digestive waste that the body is still storing – yuck! So a colon cleanse works great for it, and one of the best things about colon cleanses is that you literally get to see the gunk taken out of your body, so you know it’s going to result in pretty much immediate weight loss! Be aware of a keno på casino.


    1. Go cold – start drinking your water as cold as possible and it will be more than twice as effective at burning fat.


    1. Exercise – forget the normal advice you hear about miracle exercises that target belly fat particularly, that’s not true! You can’t target belly fat specifically. However, the good news is that whenever you exercise to lose weight, the fat on your stomach is usually the fat that is lost first. So choose whatever exercise you enjoy – whether it’s swimming, yoga, walking or doing a gym workout – and do it at least 3 times a week, and hard enough so that it raises your heart rate.


  1. Avoid trans-fats – these dangerous fats are bad for your health, but they’re also shown to increase stomach fat substantially, so avoid them. Trans-fats are in anything made from hydrogenated oils, so start checking the food labels and just switch brands where necessary.

Source by Katie Rebecca Williams