April 24, 2020 By nikhojchele 0

iPhone the Next Portable Game Console?

There are many competitors in the portable gaming world, is the iPhone the next biggest selling portable gaming system? However, did Apple sneak into this industry without anybody else even seeing them coming? It seems that they have, because most people discount the iPhone when they think about games, because after all who takes games that cost less than a pack of cigarettes seriously? Well, millions of buyers worldwide do!

If you own an iPhone the chances you have already downloaded at least one game and most likely a lot more than one game. I know in the first 2 weeks I had an iPhone I had it filled with many free games and then I started loading it up with paid versions of games. This is the same path that many an iPhone user has went down. There are so many games available that everybody can find something for them it seems.

Unlike other phones, on the iPhone you will find video games with lush 3d rendered backgrounds and amazing graphics on all the main character maps too. This is just the beginning as apple game developers are turning up the level of competition and larger companies like Capcom are starting to take notice and release old favorites like Resident Evil on the iPhone.

The internal mechanism that allows users to tilt the phone to move objects on the screen and the touch technology combined offer gamers a whole new experience that has not been available until recent years. This is starting a whole new trend of control in the gaming world. The iPhone games that are out now really seem to be keeping gamers happy, but will they be able to stay ahead of the dedicated portable gaming systems?

I don’t think the iPhone will be a true portable video gaming system replacement for serious gamers like Sony PSP owners, but the power of the iPhone gaming platform has turned many casual gamers into serious closet cases. The more big game titles we see hit the iTunes store, the more of a chance apple has to be one of the biggest sellers of portable games and in essence portable gaming systems.

Source by Nick Simpson