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How Augmented Reality Will Shape the Mobile-First Business World

Augmented Reality is no more a technology used solely in game development. Retailers all across the world are deploying the dynamics of this game-changing technology to improve customer experiences and boost revenues. High-quality devices, consumer demand and market conditions signify AR as one of the key innovations of the world of technology.

How AR Impacts Brand Awareness and Acceptance

AR is the next big thing for revolutionising the brand experience of customers. From tracking ROI to gamifying shopping experiences, from real-time interactions to personalised solutions, it holds great potential to change the course of business functions. Here are some of the major points showing how AR affects consumer experiences.

  • Personalisation: It offers a seamless omni-channel customer experience. This instance is very much prevalent in the world of clothing, cosmetic and makeup products. You can see that how you look while applying makeup in real-time by using facial recognition technology. Moreover, while choosing an outfit, customers can see whether it will suit their personality before purchasing as well.
  • Real-time Feedback: This technology allows customers to give instant and valuable feedback on the purchased items, share the same across other significant channels and much more. These valuable feedback serves as great piece of information for the digital marketers.
  • Instant Interaction: It creates a smooth, interactive experience for the customers, thereby helping marketers for better customer engagement. Providing instant interaction to customers will encourage them to visit your retail app more.
  • ROI tracking: Augmented Reality helps brands to track the most profitable route from contact building to your cash register. It will help you to get a clear picture of market performance of the launched products and related analytics, thereby allowing you to track the ROI effectively.
  • Gamification: Introducing games helps businesses to indulge shoppers and drive engagement while, gaining a competitive edge as well. Thus, customers get the scope of experiencing the brand and earn great points, coupons and rewards on shopping.
  • How AR Helps Various Industries in Boosting Sales: Ranging from vehicle sales to pharmaceuticals and much more, entrepreneurs across different industrial domains use AR nowadays in their mobile apps for increasing revenues. Following here are two of them listed out.
  • Hotels & Accommodation Services: Hoteliers are building apps with AR which, allow guests to walk through the hotel virtually and absorb feel of the place, look at the nearby attractions and much more.
  • Retail Stores: Retailers help customers to see how their favourite piece of furniture in the store will look while placed in their homes, how an outfit or a particular haircut will look like on them.

AR is one of the most innovative and proven ways of boosting sales and closing deals faster by reducing uncertainties, conveying product-oriented messages to customers instantly and answering queries about the product value. Thus, incorporating the use of AR in mobile apps will help entrepreneurs to connect with customers better and increase revenues.

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