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Giving Yoga a Second Chance – Benefits and Beginners DVDs

I had always been curious about Yoga but like many people I know, I chose to bypass the experience because I did not feel comfortable with the thought of trying all the impossible looking poses it is infamous for. I was also scared of embarrassing myself in a room full of people. After I became a trainer however I decided to conquer my fears and learn more about it.

Reasons You Should Give Yoga Classes a Second Chance

The average Jane’s first thought when faced with Yoga classes is probably “Those poses look like they hurt”. The benefits of Yoga however just might convince you to give it a chance as it brings more to the table than just an overall improved physical condition.

-Yoga has been proven to improve a person’s flexibility, balance and functional strength

-Yoga is able to help lessen stress; in fact doctors have been known to encourage patients to try yoga in order to manage their stress levels.

-In some government hospitals yoga has been formally included into the rehabilitation programs for a variety of conditions like brain injury and stroke.

-Researchers have found encouraging evidence that yoga for relaxation as well as hatha yoga can improve a person’s mood, blood pressure as well as help manage their weight.

-Specialists are utilizing yoga to create different exercise programs which benefit patients who are suffering from conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and arthritis.

Given that Yoga has been proven by numerous studies to be beneficial and that it would be advantageous to incorporate it into one’s wellness program the fact remains that posing in front of a class while still a novice is nerve-racking. One of the possible solutions for this dilemma is to try Yoga by purchasing a Yoga DVD and practicing the basic poses at home before you venture out and join a class. A good DVD for beginners is More Daily Energy with famous yogi Shiva Rae. This DVD is on Fitness magazine’s best workout DVDs of 2012 list and features several segments that you can mix and match according to your moods. It is mostly a meditational type of workout which is a perfect if you’ve had a stressful day. Another yoga DVD that Fitness magazines named as one of the Top workout DVDs of 2011 is Denise Austin Hot Body Yoga. Denise Austin as always brings her patented can do attitude which is perfect for yoga beginners. Do look for other Yoga DVDs and books which can motivate and build your confidence enough to try Yoga classes. A word of caution, as with all workouts consult your doctor before beginning any program as your dacotr knows your limitations best.

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