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Eischens Yoga: High Energy Yoga for the Home Practitioner

The benefits of yoga are many for those who are willing to learn and stick with it. Yoga helps you get in shape, feel more energetic, reduce pain and soreness in your muscles, and it helps you gain flexibility and comfort with your body – no matter what pose you’re in. On the other hand, many novices might shy away from yoga because it seems strange or exotic, involving poses and positions that are far too complex for first timers. If you’ve always wanted to try yoga, but you just never could find a good fit, Eischens yoga, or “high energy yoga” as it’s often called, might be just the workout for you.

Eischens Yoga / High Energy Yoga

High energy yoga, or HEY, was created by Roger Eischens. After his death, the name of the yoga style was changed to honor his memory and his lifelong work in creating the style that so many people have come to know and enjoy. Beyond simply being a series of poses and breathing exercises, Eischens Yoga also incorporates ideas from kinesthetics, movement theory and other ideas that help to make it an upbeat style of yoga. But in addition to making high energy yoga more movement friendly, it is also accepting of many different body types and experience levels.

Health Benefits of Eischens Yoga

Eischens Yoga comes with a whole slew of benefits. As a total body workout, it has the ability to reach and work areas of the body that you don’t use very often. And, since it is a full body workout, you gain the benefits of working large muscle groups. Of course the more muscles you work and the bigger the groups you work them in, the more fat you’re going to burn and the more weight you’re going to lose, which makes high energy yoga a very effective way of keeping in shape. Since Eischens Yoga will work for all persons – no matter their fitness level, it’s a great system for bringing your body back into tune and easing your muscles into a state of health and fitness so that you don’t pull or damage anything while trying to reach that next plateau.

Try Eischens Yoga With a DVD

For those who want to learn Eischens yoga, but who may not have the money or schedule to join a class, you can get an Eischens Yoga DVD that will train you in the ins and outs of this unique yoga style. The Eischens Yoga DVD takes you through all of the breathing and poses, explaining the flow of energy and the feelings in your body as you go through the movements of high energy yoga. As the video will show, there is no chanting and no meditation required for high energy yoga. So for those who want to learn an effective method of exercise and flexibility without any of the additional trappings, Eischens yoga is definitely the way to go.

Lastly, with the Eischens Yoga DVD, you only have to pay once and you have the benefits of the training at your fingertips over and over again for as long as you need it. Many people do the 11 minute workout every morning or just 3 times a week. After you watch it a few times, you’ll get used to the poses and it will become easier and easier. If you are able to get a partner involved and do it with you, then they can give you feedback on how your poses look for even better results. In just 22 minutes, both of you could get your yoga workout in every day.

Explore the benefits of yoga. Try it for a few weeks or a month and you should notice some differences in how you feel. It’s a small investment you can make into your health that pays out big.

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