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Are the Days of Customizing Your Phone Over?

Remember the days where people changed their phone’s appearance with their outfit? The mobile phone fascias were a hot trend those days. You could dress up your mobile phone in a trendy or a simple way by using mobile phone fascias to match your dress, earrings or even your nail paint.

The mobile phone fascia was a concept that was popularized by Nokia, where you could buy hundreds of fascias in different patterns, colours and designs. These coloured handsets were a rage at the time. Other manufacturers also followed the trend and soon people were seen with all kinds of mobile phone fascias.

However, like all the other trends, this trend is also on a decline. The reason for this is not hard to guess. When the initial euphoria of selling the mobile phone fascias died out, the mobile companies discovered that this may lead to a loss. Hence, they changed their modus operandi and started selling different colour variants of the same models instead of the fascias.

This was done to sell more handsets that would lead to more profit. While the fascias could only bring a couple of bucks which meant that in spite of selling a hundred of such casings would not yield much profit, selling even ten mobile phones could bring in more profit and market share.

Hence, as a result more and more customers have now started choosing their mobile phone with care. They are more interested in buying something that complements their personality and lasts them for the entire contract period.

Therefore, the recent years have seen a decline in the trend since mobiles have become cheaper and people prefer changing the entire mobile rather than just changing the external covering. Moreover, one can even buy a sim free mobile phone these days which does not require any registration and can be used any time you want to change your phone. There are many more advantages of sim free mobile phones since you don’t need to go through rigorous security checks. You can even buy a sim free mobile phone as a surprise gift for your loved one since you don’t need to register it during purchasing. The best part about a sim free mobile phone is that you can take it with you when you change networks or operators. Moreover, these mobile phones come with a variety of features as well.

These sim free mobile phones are a complete world of entertainment in them selves. You can browse the net, check your mail, look at the headlines and even use them for social networking options like Facebook and Twitter. Not just this, these phones also have great games and video playbacks as well.

Another great aspect of these phones is digital photography which is now as good as clicking with a stand alone camera. You can shoot videos and pictures without lugging your camera along. These phones are also being used by reporters and media people to capture news events and happenings as well.

Source by Waseem Afzal